Not doing enough

You can only rest in peace as an adult when you realize “the not doing enough” is measured by the weighing scale of the recipient.

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What I learned from the Biko Zulu Masterclass on writing

Bikozulu emphasized being present to the moment is the basis of imagination, it is the epitome of character creation and the zenith of scene manipulation. After all writing is a sum total of our real life experiences. Those experiences, positive or negative make us the writer we are, at any given point in our story telling.


Happy Mother’s Day

At times when you are a mother, you may relate with kids in some ways. At times things between you are never easy because you belong to different generations and different ages in human civilization. You may expect too much from your kids, you may at times push them to vindicate your life, the choices […]

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Aspiring towards struggle and sacrifice

Married people are good at driving all this, “sacrifice, struggle” synonymous with a superfluous union. The ultimate trophy to aspire toward.

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Stuck on replay

I have come to embrace a view in that the liberation in working from home, staying indoors is not about what we gain, but what we are willing to abandon, forego and not obsess over.

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The alternative life

Thinking of alternative lives helps to understand the purpose of our journey.

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The joy of missing out (JOMO)

What is life when there’s no much to show off for all the years on this earth? Many of us are finding there is much more joy than we anticipated. We had turned life into a race but spent the whole time staring over our shoulder, turning our head to the side, and obsessing when […]

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It feels like yesterday

I am 20 years old, I am through with the two year gap between finishing high school and joining campus. I have never had a breakup. I have never dated someone only to find out all the glittering stars in their eyes were faded, covered by clouds of tears. I have never had a romantic […]

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Like a river

Love is restless like a river, some drain into swamps of validation, others end up in a lake or ocean of companionship and appreciation. They form a delta or estuary in the final moments of glorious courtship before turning into waves trying to break free from the captivity of the sea. Love is defined by […]

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In your dreams

The thing with bad dreams is that you may die halfway or scream like a knife has ripped your wrist, but the worst is that you may end up peeing on your bed. Each time you experience it, it feels like something bad, deep guilt weighing you down to the point of feeling as if […]

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Planting the seeds

You can never make a woman like you, any more than a farmer can make the rainfall when and where he wants to get a barn-ful harvest.